Crafters & Artisans

for Rescued Animals,

A Collective Group

of Crafters & Rescues


There are an estimated 14,000 animal rescues in the US that take in nearly 8 MILLION animals a year.  Many if not most rely solely on donations from their community.  What if crafters and artisans could band together and help rescues, shelters and rehabbers in our own backyard? 

That is the philosophy behind Crafters & Artisans for Rescued Animals. 

Inspired by the craft movement for Australia, Crafters & Artisans for Rescued Animals (CARA) was created to keep the movement going, but this time to benefit rescues, shelters and rehabbers within the US and Canada.  Our goal is to assist rescues with crafted items tailored directly to their needs and connect rescuers and crafters all over the world.

Featured Animal: Archer from All Creatures Small Rescue



Feel free to contact us for more information, you can also reach us anytime at

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